Beyond 1

Beyond 1

16,900,000 Đ

Intergrated mixing karaoke amlifier

By integrating a professional-grade digital audio effect processor, the system provides a full set of audio processing for enhancing, fine-tuning, or prettifying music and voice.

BEYOND series digital integrated amplifiers are equipped with three 6.35 mm connectors for microphone input, located on the front panel and the rear panel, which are convenient to install and connect. The equipment provides a variety of connectors for connecting to music signals, including two pairs of RCA connectors for analog signal input, one digital optical connector, two HDMI connectors for digital signal input, and one HDMI connector for digital signal output (ARC) connector. With the Bluetooth and USB playback functions, the equipment can satisfy diversified application needs.

BEYOND series digital integrated amplifiers are classified into two models with different rated output power, which are suitable for speakers with different power. JBL BEYOND digital integrated amplifier is applicable to various karaoke and small-scaled commercial amplification applications


  • Integrated with high-efficiency Class-D power amplifier and professional-grade digital audio effects processor
  • Three levels of feedback inhibition for each microphone input
  • Rich karaoke experience with the rising-falling tone functions
  • Eight preset modes Independent control of reverberation and echo effects
  • Two pairs of RCA connectors and an optical connector for music input
  • Flexible music connection by leveraging the Bluetooth and USB playback functions
  • Two HDMI input connectors and one HDMI output connector (applicable to ARC)
  • 15-band parametric equalizer for microphone input
  • 15-band parametric equalizer for music input
  • Two pairs of knob-type speaker output terminals
  • Subwoofer output terminal used to connect to the active subwoofer speaker
  • AUX output used to connect to professional lower-level power amplifier or other audio equipment Speaker output configured with a compressor for system protection
  • One 3.5 mm RS232 connector used to connect to the central controller system of the KTV room and the smart household system
  • Control software on the computer helping professionals fine-tune the system


Input interface





Music input

Playback using USB

USB Type-A x 1

Stereo input

RCA x 2

HDMI input

HDMI x 2

ARC input

HDMI x 1

Optical input

Optical socket x 1

Microphone input

1/4" JACK input

6.35 mm socket X 3

Output interface

HDMI output

HDMI x 1

Stereo output

RCA x 2

Recording output

RCA x 1

Subwoofer output

RCA x 1

Speaker output

Speaker terminal x 2

Control port

USB (for linkage control over PC)

USB Type-B x 1


3.5 mm socket x 1

Technical Specifications


Signal-to-noise ratio

RCA input, 8 ohm (Ω) load, A-weighted


1/4" TRS input, 8 ohm (Ω) load, A-weighted



Frequency response

RCA input, 8 ohm (Ω) load, 1 W, 20~20 kHz

-1dB ~ +1dB

1/4" TRS input, 8 ohm (Ω) load, 1W, 50~14 kHz

-3dB ~ +1.5dB


Distortion  (THD+N)

RCA input, 8 ohm (Ω) load, 1 kHz, rated power output,  20~20 kHz bandwidth


1/4" TRS input, 8 ohm (Ω) load, 1 kHz, rated power  output, 20~20 kHz bandwidth



Input impedance

RCA input, f=1 kHz

3.2k ohms

1/4" TRS input, f=1 kHz

3.2k ohms

Rated power

THD+N ≤ 1%, 8 ohm (Ω) load, 1 kHz

2 x 180W



Playback using USB

Audio format


File system


Maximum capacity







Whole equipment: 42.8 cm (length) x 31.5 cm  (depth) x 7.6 cm (height)

Packaging: 51 cm x 44 cm x 17 cm

Net weight


Gross weight



Power requirements

JBL-BEYOND1CN: AC 220V, 50Hz  


JBL-BEYOND1AP/J: AC 100V~240V, 50/60 Hz  

JBL-BEYOND3AP/J: AC 100V~240V, 50/60 Hz

JBL Beyond 1

Intergrated mixing karaoke amlifier

16,900,000 Đ

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